About me

Mom, wife, expat, traveller, designer and in love with colourful textiles.

The last 25 years I lived and travelled all over the world. I collected exclusive handmade fabrics and use them to give ordinary items a unique look. The Designs reflect my global living experience, mixing South American and middle Eastern warmth with European austerity. They Highlight the union between modern and natural materials using traditional techniques.


Petra Veerman, Owner and Designer.


The beautiful Otomi fabric, often called Tenango, are very exclusive and hand embroidered by the local people in Hidalgo, Mexico. All items are non toxic and organic as they use 100% natural cotton. They use pen to outline their one of a kind designs. 


When lined out, the embroidery starts. With natural dyes, the traditional designs of animals, flowers or ethnic symbols in vibrant colours come to life. This process is time consuming; a 2 x 2 meters piece will often take 6 to 9 months to finish. The Women of the Otomi are famous for their finely 'blind stitch' technique.  The fabric often features traditional bird, animal and flower motifs in bright natural dyed cotton tread. They say the motifs are inspired by the wallpaintings on the rock formations in that region.

 After that, I use this beautiful fabric to change ordinary home decor items into Unique pieces.



Trough my travels I encounter many interesting cultures with beautiful artisan objects and textiles. This time I found an amazing connection between two of my favourite countries: Mexico and the Philippines.
250 years ago, during the Spanish colonisation there was a lively trade between The Philippines and Acapulco, Mexico. (Galleon trade 1565-1815)
This is interesting, because you can really see the similarity in the textiles found in both countries.

Morocco and Turkey:

Pillows, poufs, bags, blankets and rugs made out of the vintage Berber KILIM rugs. These are handwoven on a loom by Berber women from the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco with sheep and camel wool and coloured with vegetable dye. Using century's old handcrafting technics.


Also using cactus silk, handmade from Saharan Aloe Vera and natural dyes.

Let's not forget the amazing wedding pillows, called Handira. They are also handwoven on a loom by Berber women with sheep's wool, natural cotton and linnen. Traditionally made for a Berber wedding dowry along with wedding Blankets.


I work closely with the local artisan people to achieve and offer you the highest quality.

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Petra Veerman

Owner and designer.