My favourite collection: Pillows

I think that my favourite collection must be my hand made pillows. They are all so beautiful and colourful.  

Did you know that they are all made from exclusive hand embroidered and hand woven fabrics?

7 years ago I moved with my family to Mexico and there I got to know the amazing colourful textiles Mexico has to offer. I immediately knew I wanted to do something with them. I started out making pillows. From there it took its own way and now I am making lamps, runners, stools, poufs and other home decor items, but it all started with the pillows.

For example, the amazing colourful pillow, hand embroidered by the Otomi's from Hidalgo, Mexico

Or these modern and abstract, handwoven pillows from Chiapas, Mexico

Since then, I moved back to Europe and found some amazing treasures in Morocco and Turkey. Vintage Kilim fabrics, again woven by skilled hands from the berber woman in the mountains.

Now, I am living in the Philippines and I am still exploring and discovering beautiful ethnic fabrics that inspire me and hopefully other people.

I believe no home can do without a couple of amazing, one of a kind colourful pillows! Stay tuned because I am not ready traveling and exploring. And I am sure I will ding more beautiful fabrics to share.






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