Mexico and Philippine connection.

Trough my travels I encounter many interesting cultures with beautiful artisan objects and textiles. This time I found an amazing connection between two of my favourite countries: Mexico and the Philippines.

250 years ago, during the Spanish colonization there was a lively trade between The Philippines and Acapulco, Mexico. (Galleon trade 1565-1815)

This is interesting, because you can really see the similarity in the textiles found ;in both countries.

The tick and durable Iloco canvas became sails for the ships and among many exchanges, Abel Iloco blankets were a popular trade item. These blankets and sails had traditional kantarines/ Banderado design (stripes and plaids) with colours in bands, such as red, indigo and yellow

Abel Iloco is a rooted tradition. It has  een genuinely substained by domestic trade within the multi ethnic province of Ilocos Sur and neighbouring communities in the east. 

Cordillera textile 

Weaving among Cordellera tribes takes back to pre colonial Philippines and embody the artistry that runs deep in local heritage. Inspired by native, Cordillera weaves are typically dominated by red, black and brown stripes that represent the sky and the earth. Patterns are interlaced with yellow, green ad white depicting fertility and growth.


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