Dutch Heritage

The items in this collection are very dear to me. They are made from traditional and vintage fabrics that are used to make the traditional Dutch costume from the village I am from. Back in the day most of the woman in my Village, called Volendam, wore the traditional clothing. As in many cultures, there is a whole system and every piece of clothing has a special name and meaning.

The fabric I use now has been used to make the daily skirt for the women and is called a 'Bontje'. The white, blue and red striped skirt was stiffened and embroidered on the top. With this fabric I made some amazing accent pillows, that are traditional and stylish at the same time.

Next to the 'Bontje' fabric I also use the fabric that has been used for centuries to make the fancy dress skirt, which is called 'rode rok'. This skirt was worn only on special occasions and holidays.

This fabric is nice and thick woven cotton and it is perfect to make trendy striped pillows and bags.

Finally, I could not leave behind the beautiful blue and white fabric that reflects the century old famous 'Dutch Delft Blue' tiles from the Netherlands

The little blue pompoms i use on most of my items reflect the pompoms on the winter head covers called 'Kapers'.


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