Chamula wool tunic

Maya threads: A woven history of Chiapas: For most Chamulan men, the everyday white wool tunic has become a formal garment set aside for officials, like the volunteer policemen (mayols). The tunic is a required uniform worn in the daily line of duty.
All chamulan religious officials wear a long black wool tunic. The red velvet band circling the neck ends in a dramatic cross in the back.
Daily wear for the Chamulan women consist of a shiny satin blouse and black wool skirt. Young girls often wear skirts of grey wool.
Chamulan woman used to weave their everyday huipils in black, brown, grey wool. Today only the black ceremonial huipil survives, preserving the ancient Aztec woven knot and tassels.
Chamulan sheep are double-coated and often have two sets of horns, as do Navajo Churro sheep. The undercoat is spun into fine, strong warp yarns, while the coarse, long outer coat is used for weft.

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